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Share the support of our mission. The QR code provided is a quick easy way to help others be directed to our GiveSendGo page.

We are committed to maintaining a podcast that is free from an excessive number of advertisements and commercial interruptions. In the future, we may consider having a sponsor at the beginning of the podcast. As avid listeners of numerous podcasts and shows ourselves, we understand the frustration that can arise from multiple mid-podcast advertisements, as it tends to make the content overly commercialized and disruptive. Our vision for this podcast is to always offer it free of subscriptions and memberships.

If you find resonance with our mission, one that seeks to bring more men, women and children to the profound love and grace of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, while simultaneously providing valuable insights and education about the true history of our nation, how to restore our republic the lawfull way, and the significance of strengthening the family unit to fortify our nation, we invite you to support us.

Thank you in advance for any giving you feel compelled to do and for your prayers to help make this platform a success for the servitude of our Father in Heaven and His people.

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