J Jones14 Nov 2023 8:29pm

Separate From The World

In my journey of unraveling the truth about our world, I've come to realize that our history, education, the supposed open and free markets, which are rigged by international bankers, the suppression of precious metal value, to the acceptance of a worthless Fiat, federal debt note that most people refer to as a dollar and even our understanding of sacred concepts have been manipulated. We have been taught so many lies that it will take generations to unlearn completely. This is why I believe homeschooling is such a threat to the establishment, and the cabal, because they do not want a generation of critical thinkers. It seems like we're ensnared in a system designed to keep us ignorant and enslaved, disconnected from the true power granted to us by God.

As discrepancies in history books and the distortion of language becomes more evident, I find solace in the idea that I may live in this world but am not a part of its deceptive narrative. The pervasive influence of a Luciferian system, fueled by mainstream media and various industries, contributes to a mass brainwashing that many unwittingly succumb to.

My awakening has led me to question societal norms and seek a more genuine path. I strive for true companionship and love, echoing the essence of Jesus' teachings. Although I may falter, I just thank God each and every day for another chance to do it better. The priorities shift away from materialism, 401k’s, and trying to impress people that don’t really matter, and that I really won’t see again or perhaps people I don’t really like as I embrace a simpler, more meaningful existence.

In distancing myself from a corrupt system, my wife and I have chosen to homeschool our daughter, grow our own food as a supplement to what we buy organically, and opt for locally sourced, unprocessed beef and chicken. We reject the manipulative tactics of the elite, who seem to profit from our sickness and demise through the commercialized medical system and big Pharma.

While my journey may be seemingly isolating, the truth sets me free from the shallow conversations and empty pursuits that once consumed me. it is very challenging to hold numerous friendships as most people are consumed with professional sports games and partying, going to the bar and catching up on the latest season of whatever is streaming on Netflix. I understand that the pursuit of riches in this world often leads to compromise and moral decay. Instead, I choose a path aligned with ethical principles, even if it means forgoing worldly success.

If, by some divine grace, wealth finds its way to me, I commit to using it for good, spreading joy and happiness to those in need. In rejecting the allure of a system that promises material wealth at the expense of morality, I aim to build wealth not just for this life but for eternity.

The Narrative War

Thank You Veterans

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