J Jones16 Nov 2023 9:59am

Invite Jesus into Your Heart

In my life's journey, I once believed that acknowledging Jesus and holding faith in the divine Heavenly Father automatically classified me as a Christian and a good person. Many asked if I was a believer, and without hesitation, I claimed my belief in Jesus. However, what escaped me was the vital need for a personal relationship with Him. Belief wasn't enough; I needed to invite Jesus into my heart, allowing His guidance to permeate every aspect of my life—thoughts, words, and actions.

I learned that maintaining an ongoing dialogue with Him during both joyous and challenging times is crucial. True transformation and living a righteous life don't entail perfection; the lurking enemy often tries to hinder our faith, seeking to trip us up, dampen our belief, and hinder our mission to spread God's word and love. Spiritual attacks often intensify when we earnestly pray for others, as the adversary detests our intercession for those unable to petition on their own behalf.

Our mission on Earth transcends material gains or worldly possessions. Rather, it's about guiding others toward the profound transformative power of Jesus' love. Expanding the kingdom here means standing up for those who can't fight for themselves, leading them to the life-altering love Jesus embodies.

Material possessions hold no sway compared to the invaluable significance of sharing the transformative love inherent in Jesus' name. It's about leading others to experience His unparalleled love and power, something beyond any material wealth or worldly pleasures.

Don't Sit on the Sidelines

The Narrative War

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