J Jones19 Nov 2023 7:42pm

Don't Sit on the Sidelines

I see the profound issue we’re facing today. There’s a vast division between those still unaware and those awakened to the rampant criminality—a cancerous network of pedophilia, treason, and crimes against humanity perpetuated by authorities from DC to our local governments.

The crux lies in the reluctance to shoulder responsibility for change. Many yearn for others—be it the white hats, the military alliance, or patriots—to rectify these crises. But here’s the truth: nobody desires to be the solution. No one wants to delve into the grime, undertake the research, or participate in crucial juries to unveil sealed indictments against these malefactors.

Understandably, engaging 300 million Americans in this process poses logistical challenges. Yet, the prevailing shortfall is the scarcity of those willing to roll up their sleeves, delve into the truth, and actively contribute to the restoration of justice. We’ve been conditioned to rely on an elite few in DC, a fraudulent Congress teeming with attorneys often embroiled in despicable crimes.

The solution? It echoes the founders’ blueprint: the reassembly of states and their general assemblies. This act is the cornerstone of reclaiming our republic. However, the crux lies in our reluctance to educate ourselves, absorb critical information, or even dedicate a fragment of time to understand this monumental process.

Most awakened souls seem content being mere spectators, echoing sentiments of “the patriots are in control.” But true justice, reform, and the renaissance of our system demand investment—not in currency, but in time and effort. Freedom isn’t free; it demands an investment from each one of us.

The societal woe we face is rooted in the prevalent indoctrination to recline and watch while others take charge. But I implore you, is that the legacy you wish to leave? Or will you rise, embrace the call to action, and rekindle the spirit of genuine freedom under common law and original jurisdiction?

Let these words resonate as a clarion call to each individual: your participation, your education, your action is the bedrock of our redemption. It’s time to transcend the passivity ingrained within us and forge a future where justice isn’t a privilege but a fundamental right, earned through collective dedication and unwavering resolve.


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