HHL Discussions

His Hard Line Discussions are 2-3 times a week during the week.  These are the shows that are 40-90+ minutes in length where we have a conversation about relevant topics of today, the National Assembly and our Republic, how to return to self-governance, interviews and coverage of much more in depth topics. As the show grows with your help, we will expand the HHL Discussions to 3-4 plus times a week. These shows are typically live in the evening but with no specific time set due to conflicting scheduling.

1% With Him

1% of a 24 hour day is just shy of 15-25 minutes.  These shows run 6 days. Currently, Thursday is a No Podcast Thursday so I can spend time with my family.  At 1% With Him (God & Jesus), we do a daily reading which digs into a scripture reading and a short discussion after the reading plus prayer. These shows are perfect to start your day off on the right foot with the Word of God. When you start your day off like this, it strengthens your spiritual armor so satan can't infiltrate. Again, typically live in the evening.

The EDU Spot

 His Hard Line Quick Look shows are roughly 25-45 minutes in length and will air live at random with no scheduled day or time.  What you can typically expect with this show are topic discussions that are relevant to our current climate in our De Jure Republic, the National Assembly and the assembly of States.  This show is more of a condensed version of the HHL Discussion but with more of an education aspect to it.  We will touch and go on specific topics.  *Formerly HHL Quick Look*

••• MOST of these shows will be live in the evening.  Sometimes the occasional show will be live in the morning.

In order to know when shows will air live, follow my Telegram and Truth Social page as I post when I will be

going live.  This way the alerts go directly to your phone from one of those social media sites. •••

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