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HisHardLine.com is committed to bringing more people to Christ Jesus first and foremost. We have a podcast dedicated to this cause over on Podbean which can be downloaded for free on any app store.You can sign up for a free account to listen to any podcast including His Hard Line. You will discover we cover topics regarding the TRUE history of America, how we restore our Republic the lawfull  (<--- Yes, it is typed correctly) way through reassembling our states among many other topics that are relevant to REAL TRUTH.

There are so many "truthers" out there and much information being thrown at us on any given minute that it becomes very difficult to sift for the REAL truth.  We urge our listeners to ask the Heavenly Father for discernment even with the information we put out because we may not always have it right 100% of the time.  When we do figure out that something is inaccurate, we correct the record ASAP.  We encourage you to learn more about us and give us an honest shot and subscribe to our podcast and follow our Telegram and Truth Social. 

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